Mostly Mailboxes - Airbrushed Flames & More

More playing around. I would really like to get better at the flame effect. For this I used my big roll of frisket and I love the possibilities. Note to self, just get stick-on numbers from now on. Cutting them out of the frisket was not worth the effort.


Click through to see variations on the theme and much more.

I read about the rivet effect online and went crazy with it on these mailboxes. Smaller next time I think, and maybe with a screw slot.


I wanted it to look like an iron frame full of fire.


I've got a couple mailboxes that I just keep painting over and over. When I'm ready to try something else, I'll sand this one and repaint it solid black or white and start again.


Tried it on a planter, too. Meh.


Going for a more abstract thing here. I like this one and keep it on my desk at work.


Painted this mailbox for our friends, Richard & Mary Jane. Started with a black mailbox and masked the trees, landscape, and numbers.


This was my first custom mailbox. The colors faded badly after about 6 months in the Florida sun. I've since been experimenting with clearcoats to protect the color.


I painted these to replace my own plus a spare. The one in use looks much better than its predecessor.



One lesson I've learned is embrace stick-on numbers. I spent a lot of time cutting stencils for the numbers, not worth it.