Digital Decade

We got our first digital camera for Christmas 2000 and over the next 10 years we took almost 50,000 pictures.

I sorted through all those pictures and made music slideshow videos for each of the 10 years. Click the "Read More" link to see them all. Enjoy!


Our favorite pics from 2010 featuring 100 mile walk in the Keys, biplane, beach days, t-shirt & mailbox painting, pool refinishing, Michigan, claymation, 2000 miles of backroads, Kansas, bodypainting, parties, NSXcapades, and more! Music is "One Long Kiss" by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.


Our favorite pics from 2009 featuring MacPlanters, parties, birds & squirrels, Bare Necessities cruise, family visits, beach days, gators, Ferraris, Niagara Falls & Canada, pool parties, Kansas, NSX repaint, bodypainting, Fantasy Fest, and more. Music is "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers.


Our favorite pics from 2008 featuring new camera pics, Fantasy of Flight, NSXs, Garlits Museum, gators, gardens, wildlife, big boat cruise, Max & Dale's wedding, mockingbird nests, fireworks, Maine reunion, Kansas, Fantasy Fest, Michigan, parties and more! Music is "Mr Longfinger" by Memphis Slim.


Our favorites from 2007 featuring NSXs, Dianne's first cruise, underwater photos, Miami beach, pool parties, new kitchen, North Carolina, Haulover Beach, Richard & Mary Jane's wedding, Michigan, Kansas, Bahamas cruise, more baby gators and more! Music is "Fanfare For The Common Man" by ELP.


Our favorites from 2006 featuring Rhode Island trip, Amber's wedding, pool parties, Dianne's 50th, flying, Kansas trip, North Carolina vacation, mom's funeral, baby alligators, Macplanters, more parties and much more! Music is "La Vie En Rose" by Grace Jones.


Our favorites from 2005 featuring parties, beaches, TiVo friends, NSX!, Maine road trip, Blue Ridge Parkway, home improvements, Rhode Island trip, more parties, Las Vegas trip and more! Music is "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop.


Our favorites from 2004 featuring parties, family, Daytona 500, new car, pool parties, Rhode Island trip, Las Vegas, hurricanes, and more! Music is "San Tropez" by Pink Floyd.


Our favorites from 2003 featuring camping, more home improvements both for us and our friends, Turbo!, Kansas trip, new grandson, Fantasy Fest and parties galore! Music is "Take A Chance On Me" by Abba.


Our favorite pictures from 2002 featuring still more classic parties, the Wall and Fence Projects, yet more parties and Fantasy Fest. Music is "Karn Evil 9" by ELP.


Our favorite pictures from 2001 featuring classic parties, Haulover Beach, bodypainting, our wedding, Fantasy Fest, and more. Music is "Peter Gun" by ELP.

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