Long Walk: Friday - Mile 15 to Mile 4

Friday, March 26, 2010

Key West - 4 miles to go!
I’m almost done, and I’m really glad. My feet are starting to complain a little more and I had a blister on my right heal this morning, my first. It wasn’t a problem on today’s walk, and I’m sure I’ll breeze the last 4 miles tomorrow, but still, I am glad I’m almost done.

On a positive note, the place we’ve got here in Key West is NICE! After 7 nights in cinder-block motels that varied from bad to okay, we’ve now got a nice resort to finish or trip with. 
On with today’s walk. I had nice sidewalk/trail or several miles to start the day and I got started early, so here’s a nice Florida sunrise.


If they ever get this “Heritage Trail” done so that most of it is like this, it’ll be a much nicer walk.




These look remarkably like a coral I used to have in my salt aquarium.


If there’s been one consistent surprise this trip, it’s how ubiquitous the Morning Glory has been. I just never thought of it as a wild plant before.


I love the colors.


Here’s something you don’t see on the sidewalk every day. He was brave, waving that claw like he would take me apart with it!


Single digits!


Know what this is? The. Last. Bridge.


And just like that, I’m in Key West.


I am delighted to be here and looking forward to finishing the walk tomorrow with a visit to the Hemingway House immediately after.
I leave you today with this inexplicable picture. I think somebody needs a hug.