Long Walk: Saturday - Mile 100 to Mile 86

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My first day is done and I’m calling it a success. I walked 14 miles in 6 1/2 hours. My feet and lower legs are tired and a little achy, but no more than I expected and I believe I can do it again tomorrow and then again for more days after that. Here are a few snapshots from the day.

Florida Keys sunrise! 


I got a chuckle from the first mile marker sign after 100. Like I need to be reminded how far it is to Key West.


My day was about an even mix of city and countryside. Nice banyan tree here.


Best name for an ATM ever!


If you’re wondering what my walking conditions are like today, this is a pretty good example. Nice wide sidewalk, set off the road a nice distance.


Around the middle of the morning, I came across a bird sanctuary and hospital that I never knew existed. It’s home to a bunch of pelicans that act like they own the place.


After only glimpsing the water from afar, I finally got close. The water is beautiful, if still rather cold.


Bad feather day.


Then I came across this girl, who was holding the biggest opossum I’ve ever seen. She and her husband rescued the poor critter and made it a pampered pet.


Walking mile after mile along a busy road guarantees I’ll see some oddball junk, like this steel safe that someone had used an alternative method to enter. I wonder what its story is.


In the afternoon, I finally crossed my first bridge. There will many, many more. The scenery from the top of the bridge is nice, but I won’t be taking a lot of pictures from there. Too close to the cars.


I’ll close today’s picture show with a giant lobster I spotted at an artists enclave. This was way more than the typical fiberglas roadside kitsch. Tons of detail.


So that was my day. I drove ahead and scoped out the walk for tomorrow. Lots of water, more bridges, and I should start seeing fishermen along the  way.
Stay tuned!