Pool Deck Project

In May 2011 we had our pool deck torn out and rebuilt. It was quite an adventure.

Pictured below, the old deck with the added red lines representing where we wanted to change it. The idea was to make it wider on the right side and add a bump so the slide could be moved to the corner.


Click through for pictures of the whole process and the finished result.

I tore out the wood portion of the deck. That was wood that I had put down myself only 8 years before. It had not weathered well and looked pretty bad, but worst of all it was a huge splinter hazard to bare feet. Very disappointing.


We hired a contractor to do the rest. First, they did a demolition job on the oddly thick concrete deck. Unfortunately, they also broke the pool plumbing in several places. See the puddle in the mud at the back of the pool? That is Bad News.


Days went by while we repaired plumbing. In the meantime, the pool was collecting quite a bit of debris that would be a pain to clean later.


Eventually we get all that fixed and one day a dump truck shows up and drops a load of dirt in the street and a guy with a bobcat goes to work.


A couple hours later, it looks better!


Framed and ready to pour!


And here we go.


Things happened quickly once they got started.


And that's how it looked the next morning.


Now we had to wait a couple weeks for the concrete to cure before the finish could be done. That gave me a chance to test-fit all the pool furniture and slide. Looking good!


One day the finish guy shows up and paints the deck. What a difference!


Special thanks to our friend, Daniel, whose plumbing help gained us spigots all the way around the pool and a shower on the other side. I had thought I just wanted water for the slide, but Daniel knew I really wanted more.


And here is the finished deck. Nice!



  1. Fantastic looking renovation! I was almost feeling sorry while I was viewing the pre-renovation pictures. Now it looks great, only a mere shadow of what it once was.
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  2. Congratulations on the new pool deck! It looks beautiful much like those in club houses. I hope you don't mind if I use this as inspiration for our mini pool. The Long Island plumbers are working on it already.

  3. This is a well done project and the new pool looks amazing. I will recommend adding more lively elements like wicker outdoor furniture.