NSXCapades 2011

We traveled to Clermont, Florida this weekend to attend the NSXCapades 2011 and had a great time!


It's an annual gathering of Florida NSXs (plus a few from neighboring states). The event typically features golfing, dinner, a group drive, and other activities to NSX owners and their spouses & friends. This was our second one, and I'm sure it won't be our last.

Keep reading for lots of pictures plus a few stories and tall tales.

I promise not to load this page down with just pictures of my own car, but I must gush a bit up front. I've had it almost 7 years and have traveled about 84,000 miles. It is now 16 years old with 139,000 miles. Old enough to drive itself in many places, but I'm happy that it's still my own job to drive it almost everywhere I go.


It got us to the motel in Clermont without any drama, but there was a little drama the week before when the radiator burst a seam on the way home from work. It wasn't a sure thing that we would have it repaired before this weekend, but all worked out okay. I feel obligated to throw in a picture of my new $900 radiator before going on.


I love my new personalized tag (above), but I have to admit this one has me beat. Not only is the claim on the tag likely quite true (twin turbos on a built motor), but also his car has about twice the number of miles on it as mine. Last I heard he was over a quarter million miles and counting. Excellent!


I believe he calls his car "Charlotte".


My lovely wife, probably enjoying quality time with the Facebook app on her phone. :) Nice shirt!


Long pants and a shirt with buttons. I must be hanging out with high society!


It's no secret that a large majority of NSXs are either red or black, with red being predominant. We went carting Saturday afternoon, and observed the red cars seem to flock together. You look left and see this.


You look right and see this.


But then you turn around a look at the go-cart track, and you see this!


Red! Coincidence? I'm not so sure...

Anyway, the carts were a hoot. They weren't fast, but the oval track was greased in the corners and it was a drift-o-rama with lots of banging and carts facing the wrong way on the track. Yet another sign that I'm getting old, My back and wrist are sore today from campaigning my way around the track. I was smiling then though, it was a lot of fun.

Oh, in case you were wondering (I know, you weren't) about the non-red NSXs, we took the other side of the street.


The racing went on into the wee moments before 7 p.m. which is when we were all supposed to be a couple miles down the road at the designated restaurant for dinner. Not much to say about that except it was good food and lots of noise and we did meet some new friends which makes it worthwhile all by itself.


Sunday dawned cloudy but promised a nice day. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, so I wandered and took pictures.


So much of the NSX engine is only visible from below that there are limited options for dressing up the engine compartment. I think this car is done very well.


There were 22 cars for the drive, so after a driver's meeting, we broke into 2 groups of 11 with our car in the first group.


Of course safety is our primary concern, so we collectively pledge to never ever exceed posted speed limits* and off we go!

We traveled about 120 miles from home to get here. Florida is generally a very flat place with straight roads, but here in central Florida we actually have some little hills.


I think we drove about 60 miles in all, through small towns and rural roads. Sometimes zipping right along, sometimes going slow and looking cool. It's all good.


Taking a "pause for the cause" in a handy CVS parking lot gave everyone a chance to take even more pictures. Me included, duh.


I like to take pictures of people taking pictures.


Lined up and ready to roll.


Not only are there some hilly roads in this area, there are some curvy roads as well. It's not The Dragon, but quite fun nonetheless.



That's a very old school water tower. We are in "Howie In The Hills" Florida.


All 22 cars made it to the lunch stop.




My car is Brooklands Green Pearl. There were 260 NSXs made in this color (all years) and about 9,000 NSXs total imported to the US in the 15 year production run. 260 out of 9,000 but there were 3 green NSXs at NSXCapades 2011. Nice!

A few parting shots from the lunch gathering.





Gotta post the picture with the hot girls. :)


That's it for now. Until next time!


All these pics and many more (including full resolution versions) can be found here.


* Not intended to be factually correct.

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