Mississippi River Crossings Tour 2012! - Prelude

Early in the morning of Friday, September 21, I will put my car on a ferry traveling west across the Mississippi river. I will be south of New Orleans, LA, as far south as the road goes, literally the southernmost location to cross the river with an automobile.

From there, I will turn north and for the next four days, cross back and forth across the Mississippi River until I get to Hickman, Kentucky, hugging the river where practical the whole way. That should be 15 bridges, 2 ferries and 900+ miles.

I'm making the trip in my trusty NSX and I'm taking my camera, so expect lots of pictures and stories of driving an exotic sports car in inappropriate places!


Why am I doing this? No particular reason other than it sounds like my kind of fun. I drive from Florida to Kansas and back most years at the end of September and I like to take an extra day or two (or three or four) on the way to travel some roads I've not traveled before. This is my trip for 2012.

Here are some maps of my route. Even though it's divided into only three maps, I expect the trip will take 4 days.

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

And here is the list of crossings.

My trip starts early on Thursday. It's an 11+ hour drive to New Orleans and I want to stop in Mobile, AL along the say and visit the battleship. Stay tuned for pictures and stories!

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