Christmas Day 2011

This being Florida, we went to the beach today for a Christmas picnic.


Click through for pictures from today.


Backyard Wildlife

I spent today on the lanai with my laptop and camera and got some fun pictures of our regulars.



NSXCapades 2011

We traveled to Clermont, Florida this weekend to attend the NSXCapades 2011 and had a great time!


It's an annual gathering of Florida NSXs (plus a few from neighboring states). The event typically features golfing, dinner, a group drive, and other activities to NSX owners and their spouses & friends. This was our second one, and I'm sure it won't be our last.

Keep reading for lots of pictures plus a few stories and tall tales.


Time Lapse Experiment

Used 2 iPhones - 1 in my car and 1 in her car. Shot at 1 frame per second, played back at 6 frames per second with an app called iTimeMotion. Assembled and edited in iMovie.

Fun stuff, this has potential for additional time-wasting!


FantaSea 2011 : October 22 through November 3, 2011

We are occasional recreational nudists, so our fall vacation for 2011 was a long weekend at Haulover Beach followed by an 8 day clothing optional Caribbean cruise that stopped for 2 days in Key West for Fantasy Fest.

There is some painted and costumed nudity in these albums and video.

I also made a slideshow music video with pictures from the trip.

Haulover Beach is Florida's premiere (and only) legal public clothing optional beach.
Fantasy Fest is Halloween in Key West. Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Bare Necessities Tour & Travel chartered the Carnival Miracle as a whole ship clothing optional cruise.

FantaSea 2011: Haulover Beach pre-cruise weekend

Just as stretching is important before exercise, so is a small warm-up vacation important before a big vacation. With that in mind, we went to Haulover Beach for a long weekend and got to visit some old friends.


Pics and stories enclosed!

FantaSea 2011: On the Carnival Miracle

Our second clothing-optional cruise. We could be naked anywhere/anytime on the boat except the main dining room for almost the entire cruise. There are strict rules about photography, so not a lot of random shipboard photos.


FantaSea 2011: Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay is a small island owned by the cruise line, located in the Bahamas. Lovely place and since we were the only boat there that day, we were allowed to use it as a nude beach.


FantaSea 2011: Fantasy Fest & Key West


We love Fantasy Fest, this was our 6th since 2001.

FantaSea 2011: Grand Turk

Grand Turk



Driving on The Dragon

7 minutes of cockpit video from my NSX along US129 starting in North Carolina and into Tennessee.

It was a beautiful day for roof-off driving. I had a good run going until I caught up with that danged ole pickup truck!

Shot with my iPhone 4.


Body Painting 2010 / 2011

I didn't paint much in 2010 & 2011, but had fun with what I did.

Note, this post contains painted nudity.


I was contacted by a photographer friend with an idea. Ultimately, she brought over 5 of her friends and I  painted the above on them as a mural. Click through to see the practice sessions plus more.


Kansas Road Trip 2011

I do love my road trips. This year was a modified version of 2010. I used the interstates to get to the mountains and then took the back roads and ridges all the way from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Here is this year's route.



Pool Deck Project

In May 2011 we had our pool deck torn out and rebuilt. It was quite an adventure.

Pictured below, the old deck with the added red lines representing where we wanted to change it. The idea was to make it wider on the right side and add a bump so the slide could be moved to the corner.


Click through for pictures of the whole process and the finished result.


72,000 Miles of Smiles

A music video slideshow documenting my first 6 years of NSX ownership.

The pictures are all mine. The music is "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers. Done in HD, so go full-screen if you've got the bandwidth and enjoy!


Digital Decade

We got our first digital camera for Christmas 2000 and over the next 10 years we took almost 50,000 pictures.

I sorted through all those pictures and made music slideshow videos for each of the 10 years. Click the "Read More" link to see them all. Enjoy!


Our favorite pics from 2010 featuring 100 mile walk in the Keys, biplane, beach days, t-shirt & mailbox painting, pool refinishing, Michigan, claymation, 2000 miles of backroads, Kansas, bodypainting, parties, NSXcapades, and more! Music is "One Long Kiss" by Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.


Sand Hill Cranes

A short video of Sand Hill Cranes sounding off and generally acting as if they own the road.

It's only a minute long, check it out!